Evelyn. HI x SEA.


It’s really sad when you see some people are just broken beyond repair. You can tell that the damage done to their lives is irreversible and nothing can really save them.

It’s particularly sad when you see this happen in high school. Like, girls you knew who were so free-spirited and genuinely happy suddenly become empty, drop out of school, and you only see them occasionally wandering the streets at night or something. It really makes me think, “what happened?” Like, I know the whole idea of a person “saving” someone else is highly romanticized, especially amongst the younger generation today. But there are those people who are so beyond saving— nothing you do would help. They’re just in this downward spiral of destruction carelessly spinning out of control, before their lives are event meant to begin. And it really gets me thinking, you know, like, what if they met this great person who accommodated their every move, and had the resources it would take to get this person back on their feet, but really, only a shell of this person is left. And no matter what anybody in the world does, they’d still be unfixable. 

I don’t know. That makes me really sad. 


Abbey Meaker

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